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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

A Choice

May 5th, 2008… The sky was clear, except some low-level flat clouds that were spread out to the horizon; the stars were hardly seen, because of the wedding lights that were hanged like little colored stars. It was a cool summer night, but it wasn’t quite like the others, the wedding music was spread everywhere. I got out of the decorated wedding car that has my favorite flowers; red, rose & white. The cold air I felt after leaving the car was an alarm to stop my scattered feelings.

What an amazing wedding I can see! It was a beautiful view that has colorful lamps and amazing decor designed by a creative wedding planner! I can’t imagine all of this can be done in one week! All my loved ones together sharing me my feelings. The band was playing, our friends were dancing, and between this joy, there were tears hidden in my parent’s eyes. The thing that my sister couldn’t hide, she is my sister & my best friend. When I look at her, I can see her face covered with tears combined with her lovely smile. I can hear the words that she wanted to say, “I’m happy for you, but I will miss you!”

A year before, I was sitting with my family telling them about my friend who wants to marry me. My dad said “I told you before, don’t ever think to marry someone from another country. I can’t imagine that my grandkids may grow without us!”. I understand his feelings, but I’ve good reasons to insist on my opinion. I said ” He is a good person, He is honest, independent, and he loves me! I don’t meet someone like him every day!”.

My sister said “It’s not easy to live far away from your family. You can see how much trouble the new couples can have in the first few years, at least we can support you!”. She always supported me when I needed to, but not this time sister, this time I want to do it by myself! “The trouble you are talking about happens because every new couple needs time to know each other. So, it will be between me & him, and we don’t need any help for that!” I said.

“My sweetheart, we don’t know him well, what if he hurt you or broke your heart?” Mom said. “Mom please, look around you; how many relationships were destroyed, and no one could help, even the parents? If it won’t work, no one can do anything to prevent that!” I said.

It seems that no one can force me to change my mind, I had an answer for every single question they asked. Finally, they accepted that, my dad said: “My darling, it’s your life, you can live it the way you want, but remember that all that we want is your happiness and any time you need us, we will be here for you!” he continued ” Also, remember that it was your choice!”

My husband’s warm hands took me back to the wedding, I can see a mix of many things; love, fear, happiness, pain, songs, dance, applause, smiling and tears! But when I look in my husband’s eyes and feel how much he loves me; all my bad feelings disappear. The only thing that I can’t ignore, I will miss my family!

One more day and I’ll be about 30 hours flying away from my family, my home, and the people I know & love, I don’t know when I can see them again!

After eleven years, I still ask myself “Did I make the right choice?”

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