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Public Education: A Process of Progression

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English 2010

15 April 2019


Public Education: A Process of Progression


Public education throughout time has had some sort of impact on the lives of students whether it be for the better or worse. Although the intention of having a public education is to provide opportunities for students, the system still has its faults, though it has improved throughout time. However as the world evolves, the need to make changes to the public education system becomes more relevant. The growth of rising new generations, comes along with new problems that the system needs to adjust to. It’s an ongoing process of progression for the betterment of the lives involved. Some of the faults in the system include, lack of funding leading to a limit in classes, which also contribute to limited numbers for teachers as well. These are a few faults, however there are also some pros to the public education system. While there are several positives to public education, the biggest advantage is the provision of activities/ clubs for students to become involved in and consider as a potential pathway as well.

Although funding for schools come through the state government, there has been a reduction in funding, and this can vary depending in the area or state. Due to the lack of funding, this has caused many programs “such as art, PE, and music to be removed from the regular school day, thus limiting a students involvement in activities outside of core curriculum.” ( “We Have Kids”, 2018). Yes, it is of paramount importance to require core classes such as mathematics, science, history, and english, but it is also important to provide classes that allow students to explore their options so that they can have somewhat of an idea of what they want to pursue in the future. Even though at a young age their choice of a career path may change as they get older, providing them with extra courses at least allows them an opportunity to experience and test new waters. We can’t solely rely on core classes to provide every opportunity available to new generations without giving them a taste of how they can contribute to their communities through a different means.

The faults in the education system does not determine the overall outcome of a students success academically or athletically. Considering that there are still provided activities, clubs, sports and fine arts, these could be outlets that students could potentially find interest in for a career path as well. Students are not limited to only finding a career by purely the core classes that are required for them to take. There is the option of extra curricular activities to consider as well. This was the case for my father. He was able to move on to a higher education, through a full ride athletic scholarship for football to Louisiana Tech University. Sure, education may have changed since back then to even maybe ten years ago as far as technology being advanced now more than ever. But the objective of an education has not changed so much and is still encouraged today as it was in the past, just more strongly. But being involved in a sport allows for an opportunity to play up at the college level, therefore earning the privilege of also a higher education. My father is a great example of this.

My dad grew up in a very strict home, under parents who were very traditional. So it took a lot of convincing on his part for them to finally give the OK to let him play. He had never played football before, and at the start of his sophomore year playing he grew a passion for the sport. Nearing his senior year he was ready to work in construction but was not expecting to receive a full ride scholarship allowing him to play the sport he loved collegiately. Football has allowed my dad to continue his education in college and graduate with a bachelors at Louisiana Tech University. Since then my dad has accomplished so much and was even recognized as a “Champion of Change” by the white house and President Obama in May of 2016. He continues to make great strides today as my hero. All this was able to happen because of the opportunity to at least have an education.

Although there are flaws in the public education system today, and even in the past, it doesnt change the fact that through public education there are still opportunities for everyone. To some extent, it is safe to say that public education has their best interests at hand. The system has changed so much throughout the years as far as providing essential classes for life which include preparing financially (financial literacy). We also have the help of guidance counselors who are invested in what we choose as a career path and help us to find the best options, we just have to reach out. Our “learning has changed, and there are higher expectations for students nowadays than back then because our learning curve has been sped up along with the advancements in technology and resources.” However, just like any other day and age, as the world evolves and makes vast strides of improvement and advances they come along with new problems also. But as we have been able to overcome obstacles in the past, we can do the same today and in the future.


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