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Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

To the Timekeeper of the Body

Dear precious organ called the Heart,

You are one precious organ that people take for granted. You are always committed to keeping the time ticking in our body even though we don’t really pay much attention to your importance.

You never get paid though you get pushed into overdrive during exercise or dancing and nobody really cares about your well-being. You get abused by some when they ingest or inject dangerous substances into the body to get high without thinking of how it will affect you, but you never complain. No body cares. You are just a timekeeper and work for free. You stick to your vow of keeping the time ticking. Others try to do all sorts of things that make the body to look so appealing and show off their strength and glamor forgetting that you being as small as the size of a human fist are the reason for their existence.

You feel the pain and happiness that people go through when they become too emotional, when broken down, or celebrating an achievement or a success in life; but yet you continue ticking. I really appreciate your loyalty and dedication. A person is said to be still alive even though they are brain dead because of you. Every part of the body will quit but you will still continue to hold on to your promise of keeping the body alive until when you decide that it is time for you to take a break.

You take a break then the person is pronounced dead. Nevertheless, people will not leave you alone when you decide to take a vacation. You will be thumped upon, shocked by hundreds of electrical joules, compressed upon vigorously, pumped with lethal injections just to ask you to cut short your vacation time.

Most often you try to be kind and return to work. You get rushed into the surgical room and be cut open just to find out why you decided to take a break. Once the butchers find the reason of your resignation if you happen to send them a signal that you are still there, you get patched up with other vessels or get to be rewired with a metallic spring. Sometimes you get upgraded with a device just to keep you working like a watch dog or a supervisor standing right behind your back.

Once in a while you will stop again, and the same ordeal reoccur again. Seldomly you will resign and call it quits and take a permanent vacation. That is when the body is pronounced dead. Then you are let go or laid off from your endless duties and responsibilities.

I salute you for your loyalty and humility. Keep watching the time and ticking away.


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